Testimonial by Raj
August 3rd, 2017

Mistress Kasia has been wonderful for a newbie like me! She's extremely patient and understanding while still providing an experience that is exciting and keeps pushing me to new heights in terms of kink play and just overall feeling before, during, and after the few sessions we've had. I don't know all my limits yet and Mistress Kasia has very respectfully helped me explore new avenues of kink enjoyment that I may never have gotten to try otherwise, or not in as nearly as welcoming an environment. She's helped me uncover new turn-ons and experience them in a safe place.

I also feel like I have some weird fetishes but Mistress Kasia has been extremely accepting; I've never felt judged by her for what I enjoy. She even loves humiliation which is a huge plus for me and she's so good at it; it makes my tiny clit, as she calls it, very excited! And Mistress Kasia always has safety in mind; we've done some fairly intense play, at least to me it was intense, but she always ensures to check in on me and makes sure I'm in a good place.

I recall one particularly impactful moment of a scene where Mistress Kasia ordered my head into a toilet bowl and put tape strips on my back as a gauge to see if I moved. I stared at the water for at least a half hour, hearing the subtle pulling of the tape with each little body adjustment I made.

Mistress Kasia reads me very well, she knows not only when I'm having an enjoyable experience, she also can clearly see by my body language when something's not right and actively works to fix it so that the experience is the best it can possibly be for her and for me.

Mistress Kasia is a really refreshing ProDomme in both personality and style; I often find myself day dreaming fondly about her and our sessions long after they're over.

I very highly recommend her!

Purrfectly Unique. Claws Sharpened Daily.