Welcome to my site, worm!

I will be resuming in-home sessions in early Spring 2022
and returning to dungeon sessions in the Fall 2022.

I'm a natural born Dominant who has been purrfecting her gifts since a very early age. I'm European-born and a native Bostonian looking to fill a void in quality Domination. (A die-hard New England Patriots fan until the day I die / You all have your own football teams but New England has football Gods.) I've spent decades exploring both the Dominant and submissive sides of the lifestyle which has given me the understanding and insight necessary for a mutually fulfilling experience. I wouldn't go as far as calling myself a service Domme but I understand and take the slaves needs into full account.

I have plenty experience with seasoned and new slaves equally although my personal tastes land on the more extreme side. I've been described as strict, cruel, sadistic, and demanding but also accepting, thoughtful, nurturing, and focused on safety as well.

Some people are born with musical talent, some are born artists. I was blessed / cursed with the unusual gift of Domination. I've thought about making my skills available to the public in the past but have held off for a few reasons. The main reason was not wanting to be classified as every simple minded ProDomme; clueless, self-centered, money hungry sluts that take advantage of submissive vulnerabilites...I'm the furthest thing from simple and you'll feel it from the moment you kneel at my feet. I've heard enough horror stories about slaves prior experiences to genuinely feel bad for the men being taken advantage of, I'm throughly disgusted by those Dommes. I've come to the conclusion that slaves deserve a higher caliber Woman.

The second reason is that I have freakishly insane pride and accepting money has been a challenge that I've had to work hard to overcome, I've even had difficulties accepting gifts throughout my life. Recently I've changed my viewpoint, the voyage I provide is spiritual and rare, and many would describe it as therapeutic. On frequent occasions in the past, I've had to explain to slaves that they weren't in love with me but infatuated by the freedoms and acceptance that I've been able to provide and they've longed to experience their entire lives. My recent soul searching has brought me to the conclusion that an experience with me is priceless, and unlike any other you'll find anywhere today. I've purrfected my talents throughout my life and the bottom line is that I'm fuckin' worth it.

I've only heard of this reference while I was living in LA: Service Domme. Please don't make the mistake of thinking of me as one, I'm the furthest thing from it. I'm simply a genuine Domme that happens to not be a self-centered cunt. I believe the needs of a slave are just as relevant as my own and I'm offering a place where they can be explored to their fullest.

Come be my scratching post if you dare.

Purrfectly Unique. Claws Sharpened Daily.